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Liquid Force LFK Kite- Bindung blau -45.5 - 46.5 (US: 12 - 13)

feste Kite- Bindung

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Liquid Force LFK Kitebindung bei MeinKite.de - Dein Kiteshop

Die LSK von Liquid Force ist eine der leichtesten festen Kite- Bindungen auf dem Markt. 
- extrem leichte Bindung
- IPX Chassis, sorgt für optimaler Verbindung zwischen Boot und Board
- Medium Flex

Everyone wants a lightweight binding. But the challenge has been to fuse lightweight and long-term durability. The LFK binding uses a built in liner system that reduces weight with out sacrificing the legendary Liquid Force durability. Packed with performance raising features like zonal lace and Velcro adjustment, canted foot bed and the IPX chassis, the LFK will set the binding standard in kiteboading.

As far as legacies go in the world of kiteboarding, they don’t run much deeper than the lineage of Liquid Force bindings. Eighteen years ago, Liquid Force released one of the wakeboarding industry’s first revolutionary bindings, and ever since we’ve been on a relentless mission of innovation. Stemming from nearly two decades of development, pro rider input, and continual refinement, for 2015 we’re proud to showcase the most extensive line of kiteboarding bindings out there. Whether closed- or open-toe, all of our bindings are based upon the tried and true technology, support, comfort and performance of Liquid Force’s cutting-edge wakeboarding bindings. The crucial difference is that our kite-specific bindings are just that — made more convenient for kiteboarding.


Bestellnummer 584679-45 - 46 (US: 12 - 13)
Hersteller Liquid Force
Typ Boots
Jahr 2017
Zustand neu

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