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WOO 2.0 Kite- Wakeboard Tracking System

WOO 2.0 Kitesurf & Wakeboard Tracker

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WOO 2.0 - Kite- Wakeboard Trackingsystem bei - Dein Kiteshop 

WOO 2.0 = Trick Detection Technology
It took us almost a year of testing and gigabytes of data collection but we are very proud to announce that we developed a revolutionary way to capture and score tricks in kiteboarding and wakeboarding. We developed a machine learning system that identifies the trick performed, and scores it based on its difficulty, how big you went, and how well you landed it. 

WOO 2.0: Kite Freestyle Game                                  WOO 2.0: Wake Game

The new Freestyle mode in WOO Kite is a complete new way to get all kiteboarders excited about freestyle again and get them to stomp their best trick and progress to the next level. The tricktionary (a library of all tricks) helps riders to progress and reach new heights. Get to the next level by completing your next trick and keep on pushing.

And for all wakeboarders, WOO Sports introduces WOO Wake. An interactive game for wakeboaders all around the world. WOO 2.0 now supports both kiting and wakeboarding with the same upgraded WOO 2.0 sensor.

WOO 2.0 = Improved Quality and Durability
Big and small changes have been made to WOO 2.0 to make it more robust and significantly reduce the number of warranties. We added an extra layer of marine grade epoxy to the WOO to better protect the electronics against water. Since we implemented this procedure - April 2016 - not a single WOO from these batches has failed due to water damage.

WOO 2.0 = New (Eco-Friendly) Packaging
WOO 2.0 comes with a new eco-friendly packaging. It's 100% recyclable. No more wasted plastics. It stills comes with a mount, charger, WOO 2.0 sensor, quick start guide, WOO sticker and alcohol wipe.


Bestellnummer 584975
Hersteller WOOSports
Jahr 2017
Typ Tracking System
Zustand neu

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