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Nobile Check In Bag

Ohne Sperrgepäck in deinen Kiteurlaub!

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Nobile Check-In Bag / Reisetasche bei MerinKite.de - Dein Kiteshop

This bag is perfect for all your trips and you will find enough space for everything! But we created the Check Inn Bag especially for travelling with the Nobile Zen Hydrofoil, Infinity Split Foil 5’1”, two kites, bars, pump, wetsuits, as well as you favourite T-shirts. You can carry it on your arm – but what for, since there are durable wheels which allow you to pull the bag behind you on wheelie around the world. The comfort and the elegance – because life is better when you are travelling!

Größe: 90 x 48 x 20 (cm)
Gewicht: 2,35kg


Bestellnummer 585068
Hersteller Nobile
Typ Kite Bag
Jahr 2020
Zustand neu

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